Beacon Installation

There are many considerations to think about when installing any type of beacon, the most important of course being that the work is carried out by qualified personnel. Further points to consider include application, orientation, mounting, maintenance and voltage drop which are noted in more detail below: Application You need to consider the following points before deciding which beacon is […]

IP Ratings

IP Rating (Ingress Protection) The IP rating system (or Ingress Protection rating) is a scale of how waterproof and airtight an item is. Words like ‘waterproof’ can be fairly vague so using the IP system gives a clear and concise guide to ensure that an item is suitable for the environment it will be installed in. Each IP rating is […]

Aviation Light Signals

Aviation lighting is essential in keeping everyone safe; it ensures that building and objects can be seen in low light as well as helping both the pilot and air traffic controller communicate on landing in the form of light signals. In case of communication failure or when an aircraft isn’t equipped with a radio, light signals are used using a […]