Warning Signals – Is There a Need?

beacon group-transPreparation is key. To be able to someway prevent unexpected, unwanted occurrences, being prepared is a must.

Could you envision yourself driving on the road with no traffic signals?

Or on an aeroplane, with no obstruction lights on tall infrastructures?

What if large cranes didn’t have any warning signals? Would it be safe…? The circumstances don’t bear thinking about…..

This is why Warning Signals are very important to us, for our safety and security.

What are Warning Signals?

Warning signals are devices or tools, which are obviously, used in giving warning to people. Nowadays, these are being installed almost everywhere, and have become a huge part of our lives, even if we are unaware of it. The most important thing is that they provide us the safety and security that we need.

As stated earlier, they are now widely available everywhere. Warning Signals these days are used in an array of applications, such as roads, construction sites, offices, schools, airports and even in hospitals. They are extremely beneficial to any establishment or facility that needs to be safe, or for security purposes.

Warning Signals must be eye-catching. Aside from our eyes, they can also attract attention using other senses, such as hearing. Moreover, they should be informative and easy to understand, for us to be able to get the message easily and clearly. Warning Signals play a very important role in the security and safety of people, as well as in minimising catastrophic events for decades now.

Types of Warning Signals

Here are some of the most common types of Warning Signals:

Audible Warning Signals

Wherever we go, there is the presence of sound. Without it, we would struggle to understand each other clearly. For this reason, Audible Warning Signals have become hugely popular. These types of warning signals have the capacity to yield sound waves, as well as noises to allow us in instantly responding to an alarm or warning with our own sense of hearing.

Here are some examples of Audible Warning Signals:

– Sirens

– Sounders

– Horns

– Alarms

Visual Warning Signals

These types of warnings signals are actually required to be installed in appropriate and designated zones. Furthermore, they must also have the proper colour, design, icon, and should be informative and precise, so they can be easily read and understood.

Examples of this type of Warning Signal include;

– Beacons

– Towers

– Flags

– Flashes or Flares

Audio Visual Warning Signals

This particular type of warning signal is actually a combination of the Visual and the Audible Warning Signals. Some say that this is more efficient when it comes to compliance with a warning message. Mainly because it helps in conveying a particular message in the visual as well as in audio form.

Why is there a need for us to have warning signals?

Firstly, warning signals are very important in providing us the security and safety that we need. Moreover, these signals also warn us of danger, faults, or hazards, and aid in the prevention of unwanted outcomes. In these modern times, these devices, together with security alarms, and cameras are becoming rapidly a standard measure of security and safety. They also are essential when it comes to industrial applications, from Obstruction Warning to Loading Bays. Undeniably, having these signals in our lives make us feel more safe and secure – they certainly play a huge part in our day to day safety.

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