Electronic Sounders


Safety should always be top priority. When it comes to people’s safety, it’s important to be vigilant and look out for different tools and devices. There’s nothing like a bright flashing light or loud noise to grab every inhabitant’s attention in a building during an emergency. Devices like conventional electronic sounders or fire alarm systems will do just that.

These powerful devices are also ideal for use in a whole variety of different applications, such as all types of rented accommodation, offices, schools, small shops, factories, and many and more.

Where Are They Used?

In order to effectively grab people’s attention during an emergency like a fire, robbery, or any crime, these alarms depend or rely on an Electronic Sounder or a bell. In this way, the sounder makes a loud noise when it is triggered, either automatically, or manually. As well as being used for evacuation purposes, Electronic Sounders are also commonly used in large buildings or businesses as an indicator, for example; to inform employees of a specific time – break time, lunch time, or end of day. Due to the versatility of these products, they are also used regularly for fault monitoring purposes, to alert when there is a problem on a production line.

Sounders can vary in terms of warning signals, sound dispersion patterns, and tones. These particular Electronic Sounders are also available as a combined unit incorporating LEDs also, for use in
applications where both light and sound are required, for maximum impact.

Control Panel: The brains of the operation

When used in conjunction with an alarm system, the component that acts as a hub is the control panel. Every unit incorporated in to the system will use the panel as a medium of communication. Using the correct sensors, an automatic signal can trigger the Electronic Sounder to sound.

The control panel hub also allows the engineers and users to monitor the system to check for faults or activation.

What’s Available?IAS-C

We offer a choice of 3 different sounders, varying in size and colour.

All are IP65 rated, and have 64 tone combinations, and a maximum output of 114dB.

Designed to complement the Series C, Series E and Series T warning beacons, the 64 tone combinations are selected using an internal DIP-switch array.

More information on our range of Electronic Sounders can be seen here: http://beaconlamps.com/products/audible-warning-signals/electronic-sounders/

Or alternatively, if a combined unit incorporating light and sound is more suited to your needs, view our range here: http://beaconlamps.com/products/audible-warning-signals/sounder-beacons/