The Common Uses of Electronic Sounders & Beacons

As we all know, ‘Preparation is key’, especially when it comes to our safety. Being able to somehow prevent any unexpected and unwanted circumstances, being prepared for the protection and security of oneself is a must. That is why using warning signals like beacons and electronic sounders is very important for everyone’s safety.

Aside from giving warning signals, devices like these should also be effective in catching peoples attention and should be easy and informative to understand.

Uses of Beacons

Each year, the use of beacons becomes more and more popular. You can find beacons that are placed in airports, shopping centres, cities and public places, museum and art galleries, restaurants and pubs, conferences and events, offices and warehouses.

Common uses of beacons:

– Security 

Beacons can act as a deterrent or alert to a security breach, if set to activate when triggered. When fixed to the outside of a building, beacons can be hugely advantageous.

Aviation Warning 

Used on a regular basis to warn aircraft of tall buildings or obstacles such as cranes, etc.

– Marine 

Used commonly on boats to enhance safety at sea.

Factories & Warehouses 

Beacons serve many purposes in this environment, such as traffic signalling to ensure safe movement of site traffic, and status signals such as stacking lights, used often on production lines to notify of faults etc.


Because of the rapid growth of technology, the number of beacons around the world also continues to evolve and grow in numbers.

What is an Electronic Sounder?

Sounds and noises. Everywhere we go we always hear a different kind of noise in our surroundings. Without these noises, we would be having a hard time to communicate with each other, notice the warning beeping of cars to avoid being hit, and many more. The electronic sounder emits noises and sound waves that will catch our attention immediately and instantly respond to the alarm or warning. Other audible warning signals like electronic sounders are sirens, alarms, and horns.

How an Electronic Sounder is Used

Used often in conjunction with, or in place of, visual warning beacons, electronic sounders are mainly used in noisy environments, or applications where an audible warning is more effective than a visual one. Also often used as an integral part of a system by being connected to an alarm circuit.

These sounders are usually mounted on a wall in open areas or the within the walls of the corridors and passages. They are made of tough housing materials like stainless steel, plastic, and polycarbonate.

Also available are combined units, for applications where an audible and/or visual alert is required. Combining both either a single or multi-tone sounder along with either clear or coloured LEDs, we have several solutions to offer for this requirement, as you can see here:


There are already a lot of beacons and electronic sounders installed around the world and in almost every public property. These devices can serve many purposes, but we can be assured that they always give us the security and protection we need.