Warning Lights for Commercial & Construction Vehicles

Utility work lights for both commercial and construction vehicles are considered as a must-have in safety equipment, not only for the emergency service personnel but also for people who do their every day works at the roadside. The main goal of any utility work light is to draw others attention. In fact, it is very important to warn other vehicles and people who are present in the workplace effectively.

On the other hand, if you are working after dark, these lights can be a great help as they offer light while you are working in order to complete your task. In addition to that, utility work lights can increase safety and improves vehicles visibility. Even so, trucks driven by company utility workers, construction vehicles, tow trucks, garbage trucks, and road crews often use utility work lights. Also, widely used on forklift trucks to ensure safety in the workplace. Either way, portable work lights are very handy.

VXD Series

This beacon light for commercial and construction vehicles is IP65 rated. Actually, the VXD Series is a high-intensity xenon strobe beacon. This light is available in two models, the 24Vdc and 12Vdc.

The VXD Series is low current for greater battery life, especially when the vehicle’s engine is idle. Nevertheless, this utility work light is accessible as a Mag-mount fleeting fix with cable (curl) or standard bolt-down permanent fix.

VXK Series

The VXK series is accessible in standard voltages of 24Vac/dc as well as 12Vac/dc. This product is equipped large size xenon strobe beacon that has a high energy. As a matter of fact, the VXK Series has standard eleven-joule flash energy.

But if you prefer a higher joule, then the ultra-bright 24-joule flash energy is for you. In addition, you can choose between a single flash and repetitive dual flash models. Nevertheless, the VXK Series features a UV-established polycarbonate lens.

VXL Series

An IP65 rated work light for vehicles that features a mid-size high-energy xenon strobe guiding light. However, it is available in 12Vac/dc as we well as 24Vac/dc models and comes with standard 11 joule flash energy. Similar to VXK Series, this products is also accessible in both single flash and repetitive dual flash model.

The added factor with the VXL series is that it has a special voltage ranging, 10Vdc to 100Vdc and 12vac to 72Vac, model available also.

VRK Series

The VRK Series is equipped with 120mm reflector and large-size and high intensity rotating mirror beacons. It is anIP65 rated vehicle beacon that is available in 12Vdc 55 watts and 24Vdc 70 watts H1 halogen models.

The VRK Series is accessible as a Mag-mount temporary fix and bolt down permanent fix with a curled cable.


All the models mentioned above have a rubber base as well as a fitted cable which allows the users to mount it without dis-assembly. Furthermore, they are available as Xenon Flashing or Rotating Flashing models.