The Growth of Beacon Technology into Different Sectors

The Next Thing in Beacon Technology?

Beacon Use in Transportation

Safety is always the number one priority in every industry, especially in regards to transportation as it involves a massive responsibility to travellers security. The use of beacons recently have drastically improved a lot of preventive measures with many potential risks.

Traffic Lights and Led Status Signals would be the frontline in the use of warning signals. As most of their official use have time and time again proved to many their significance in safety.

Vehicle beacons still are the most effective for moving vehicles, especially with the public safety and law enforcement departments, and no doubt will remain to be for decades to come.

Beacons use In Visual Warnings and Guidance

From rotating mirrors, xenon strobe to tower beacons, gone are the days when signalling and giving warning to others has to be done manually. Beacons have saved thousands of lives and also precious man power by automating and making Visual Warnings efficient and automated.

Beacon lamps have been very useful for as long as we can remember. This light is used in various situations such as in defensive communications, marine and aerial navigation, guide vehicles, and much more.

For marine navigators, mariners can always confirm that lighthouses and beacons are the most important part of their safe sailing. The beacon lights can help them tell if they are in a major point coastline, treacherous waters, sunken reefs and more.

Practical Uses of Beacon Lamps

– Crane Technology

A requirement for cranes and large lifting equipment, to indicate their location, for the safety of aircraft.

– Defensive Communications

Beacons for defensive communications have been used since the 10th century. Beacons are lit at specific locations such as for sea navigation purposes.

– Cars, Commercial Vehicles & Forklifts

Moving vehicles within a site or workplace carry beacons as an effective signal to warn of their mobility and location.


Beacons have been around for many years – and will stay, providing you safety and security, for years to come. Improvements and changes will happen within this technology but the basics stay true. To continue providing safety.