Process Safety Beacons: Preventing Accidents

Accidents can be really hard to prevent, we all know that accidents are very unpredictable. The most common places where accidents happen is on the road, factories, construction sites, industries, and more.

One of the most effective preventions of these, or at least help lessen the damages and casualties is by using a visual and audible warning signal such as a beacon or sounder. These loud colourful beacons can help catch attention immediately and save lives.

What is a Safety Beacon?

A Safety Beacon is a type of warning light that lights up when required to draw attention, and can sometimes produce loud, wailing noises when combined with a sounder. This is to immediately grab the attention of the people and make them aware of the current danger.

Safety beacons are usually installed for evacuation purposes, to warn workers of an imminent danger, and that immediate evacuation is required.

Safety beacons don’t actually prevent accidents from happening, but they help prevent the casualty from getting bigger. Aside from warning and telling the people to evacuate the building, the beacons can also catch the attention of firefighters and police officers.

Where Can You Find a Safety Beacon?

Deegee safety beacons can be found through most Electrical Wholesalers, or directly through our offices based in Swadlincote.

Safety Beacons For Traffic Management Signals

Deegee offer a huge product range to cover a wide variety of applications, including Traffic Management, Loading Bays, Cranes & Warehouses.

A few examples of products available for Traffic Management use can be seen here:

MIH/xU/LED Series 

This traffic light is ideally suited for different kinds of situations. It can be used as an On-Site Traffic Management System, Loading-Bay Signalling, Factory Control, and Dockside Signalling.

The standard colour combinations are Red, Green, or Red, Amber, Green. The unit can be constructed according to required colour combinations, and is available in Red, Amber, Green, Blue, and Clear.






IPN/001 Series

This is the latest technology of the Light Emitting Diode (LED) signalling products, most of these products are configured into a high-density matrix. This particular unit is available in Red and Green. Our full range of Indicator Panels can be seen here:



It is essential that you choose the correct product for your application, for more assistance with this you can either view our website: or contact our Sales Office on 01283 550850.