The Significance of Telephone-Initiated Beacons

When it comes to security and safety, beacons are considered one of the most beneficial devices today.

Beacons are used in numerous applications such as power plants, tall buildings or infrastructures, cranes, and vehicles. Furthermore, there are many different kinds of beacons.

Telephone-Initiated Beacons are becoming increasingly popular for assistance in noisy environments, factories, and warehousing, for example.

These beacons are specifically designed for the well-being of the community and industry.

Telephone-Initiated Beacon: What Exactly It is?

A telephone initiated beacon is made for industrial and community welfare use in which a visual warning sign of a ringing phone is needed.

In addition to that, the uses of telephone initiated beacons also take account of the emergency evacuation notices as well as a colour-coded private phone which are commonly utilised in most factories where the level of an ambient noise (high) persist.

Telephone-initiated beacons may be provided with or without either cables, or fitted glands for plug-in or hard-wired installation.

Furthermore, this type of beacon is accessible as TPD LED, TXV Xenon Strobe, TXD Xenon Strobe, and TXL Xenon Strobe.

What Is the Importance of Telephone-Initiated Beacons?

Compared to other types of beacons, the importance of a telephone initiated beacon is equally important, benefitting in terms of security as well as safety.

This type of beacon is highly beneficial in a wide variety of various applications. The quality and durability of every part of a telephone initiated beacon are very important.

Aside from that, the quality, as well as the durability, can also have a big impact on the device’s effectiveness and overall function.

A few from our range of Telephone-Initiated Beacons:

TPD Series


This telephone initiated beacon will eliminate the need for an external power source. As a matter of fact, this unit is entirely driven from an incoming ring signal.







TXD Series





This low-energy xenon strobe beacon can be supplied with or without glands or cables. However, if you want to supply this telephone initiated beacon with cables then you need to buy the cable separately.






TXL Series





The TXL Series is a high-energy xenon strobe beacon that has a telephone and power signal entry. On the other hand, this unit is created for connection to a 230Vac power source.




TXV Series






Another high-energy xenon strobe beacon that is designed for a connection to a 230Vac power source.






Note: All the above-mentioned products feature UV-stabilized polycarbonate lenses as well as accessible in several colours such as Clear, Blue, Green, Amber, and Red.

Further information on this range can be seen here: