Advance Warning Beacons: Traffic Signal Lights

Are you familiar with the terms ‘Advance Warning Beacon’, or ‘Traffic Signal Lights’? Most people are familiar with these and their importance in controlling the movement of traffic. And they typically come in Amber, Red, and Green coloured lights.

What Is An Advance Warning Beacon and Its Benefits?

An advance warning beacon commands attention to significant roadside information or signs. Road safety, on the other hand, is heavily dependent on drivers when it comes to obeying the various roadside signs, making such beacons suitable for a wide variety of traffic applications.

Nevertheless, advance warning beacons draw attention to approaching, hidden, as well as changing road conditions. As a result, the driver’s awareness will definitely increase and the overall road safety will be improved.

Benefits of Advance Warning Beacons

  1. Improve road safety and driver’s awareness.
  2. Advise drivers of approaching or hidden roadside signs.
  3. Adapt to various configurations for installing the framework.


Best Traffic Signal Lights For Construction Sites, Loading Bays, etc.

IPN/002 Series


– 2-way LED Traffic Light 200mm x 150mm x 80mm

– Compact LED Stop / Go Traffic Light – ideal LED loading bay light or LED dock light.

– Mount one unit inside and one unit outside to provide clear signalling to both internal staff and outside lorry drivers.

– Simple three-wire connection for straightforward integration with your system.  24Vac/dc unit maybe connected directly to your existing dock leveller or door control system.

– Long-life LEDs = less maintenance; Low-power = lower energy costs which together mean much lower operational costs than traditional lamped units.


MI/XC LED Series


 Static LED Status Indicator 85mm High x 94 Dia. each module

– IP65

– Static (non-flashing) LED Signal

– Low current consumption

– 24Vdc and universal 115V-230V ac/dc models

– Side and Base entry


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