Beacons in Construction

As I’m sure you’d agree, it would be extremely difficult for us to spend a day without technology, as it is already part of our day to day living.

For example, whenever we go somewhere new, we will immediately look down to our phones and open maps instead of trying on asking a pedestrian for directions. If you want to book your ride home, you can tap your Uber application in your own mobile at ease. Perhaps you may be very familiar with a lot of devices, applications and other technological advancement, but we don’t tend to hear much mention about the use of beacons or beacon technology.

Beacons were developed to increase safety, and are used in a wide variety of applications, including installation in factories, power plants, vehicles, cranes, and buildings including high rise infrastructures.

So, what are the uses of beacons in the construction industry?

Beacons can be used as a safety parameter

We all know that on a construction site there is always a threat of danger without safety and precautionary measures. As a responsible employer, it is very important to optimize the safety and reduce the possibilities of unwanted injuries, or even risk of injury, to the workers. With the help of beacons, you can evade the risk of hazard on the site by simply installing the devices onto forklifts, platforms and other essential areas or materials. For which the device can warn everybody – not just the workers, from possible danger. Keeping the site safe as much as possible is always the priority.

Beacons can be used as a security measure

On some sites, there are areas that are prohibited to others and are only authorized for selected personnel, for confidentiality reasons. In this case, beacons can be used to ensure that gaining access to prohibited areas will be reduced, or even be impossible. The beacons can also be used to keep the whole site secure during non-working hours from intruders who want to sabotage or steal from the site. From placing a number of beacons in the required area, you can triangulate the entire site, with the beacons activating on detection of motion, which in itself is a huge deterrent, lowering alarm and security costs.


To be honest, knowing that beacon technology is continuously improving with technology, beacons are becoming a must-have on construction sites nationwide. For those companies who want to acquire a greater edge within the construction industry, embracing beacon technology is a huge advantage.