Audible Warning Signals And Their Benefits

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With the help of technology, the prevention of incidents or accidents is made possible, including the evolution of warning signals and safety signs. These warning signals are used in an audio and visual form, and are usually found in places where there is lots of traffic. They play an important role, especially in safety and security, and warn us of impending dangers or hazards.

Audible warning signals are one of the two types of warning signals that are used. These warning signals produce noises and sound waves which are effectively used to provide alarm or warning in any situation. With sound being one of the senses which allows us to hear and communicate, audible warning signal devices were designed to work instead of, or in conjunction with, visual warning signals, for maximum benefit and increased safety.

Types of Audible Warning Signals

– Air Horns and Sirens – Air horns and Sirens are devices that are designed to create an extremely loud noise as a signal. These are commonly used on emergency vehicles as a warning to other vehicles to clear the roadway, as well as some outdoor applications where the noise is required to cover a large area.

– Alarm Bells and Hooters – These signalling devices are similarly used to warn us of dangers or hazards, and are commonly used as a time indicator, for example, in factories and schools, etc.

– Buzzers – Commonly known as beepers. There are three types of buzzers, such as, mechanical, electromechanical, or piezoelectric. These devices are commonly found in walls or ceilings.

Electronic Sounders – Because of the advance feature of this device such as a multi-tone selection and volume control, it is considered now as most versatile audible warning devices for security measurement.

The Benefits of Audible Warning Signals

– Has an informative purpose

– Can enhance safety measures

– Helps in avoiding accidents

– Low maintenance

– Preventive protection for everyone

Audible warning signals are used in different applications and places around the world, typically, but not restricted to, working facilities. With a proper device fitted in the right place, unnecessary accidents can be prevented. By the power of clear and informative messages, warning signals can warn us and keep us from unexpected disasters and incidents.

These audible warning signals can also be applied in small commercial establishments, to ensure the safety of property, employees and visitors, as well as in industrial applications.

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