Beacon Signalling Lights: Marine Industry

Mariners require better and in fact, more powerful safety measures that can keep them notified and safe in their every movement at sea. Large ships travelling into existing channels greatly needs stronger signalling lights to guide them safely along the way. Since a traditional lighthouse is apparently not enough for mariners nowadays, the need for Beacon Signalling lights is becoming greater.

What is a Beacon Signalling Light?

Using signalling lights in various places is incredibly important especially to ensure the safety of citizens. Every kind of beacon light carries a significant message or warning that is implied using certain colours.

For starters, a beacon signalling light is a light that is designed especially to attract attention in a particular place. Common places where you can find these devices is in lighthouses, ships, aircraft, and more.

On the other hand, traditional lighthouses are almost forgotten in this new age. And the rising popularity of Beacon Signalling lights is significantly growing. With the use of these lights, mariners will be able to see better in the sea, especially at night, and be aware of any dangers or hazards. They are also effective in guiding boats and ships and provide better navigation that can guide them safely to their destination.

Beacon Signalling Lights for the Marine Industry

There are different Beacon Signalling Lights intended for the Marine industry. This includes Ship Flashing Beacons, Marine Beacons, Wreck lights, Marine Traffic Light, Rotating Beacons, among others. Furthermore, beacon signalling lights also vary in terms of their type or method of a power source. Some beacon signalling lights for the marine industry are powered by the aid of a battery, some are mains powered if a power source is available, and some are solar powered. These different options are important to consider in order to fit the specific purpose it must serve.

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Aside from that, most of these kinds of lights are manufactured with high durability and are commonly low-maintenance. Most of all that these lights are intended for long term use, and these devices are critical in keeping sea transit safer and better.

The Importance of Beacon Signalling Lights for the Marine Industry

In every transport method, an effective lighting system is imperative to the safety of the vehicle. Ships and boats that travel by sea are no exception.

The main function of a beacon signalling light for the marine industry is to aid the prevention of any kind of major accidents. In short, it is an important preventive measure that can save thousands of lives. Big or small boats needs to be equipped with these signalling lights mostly during the night as an integral part of its navigation system. And during the day, the shapes of these devices are also used to indicate a particular message.

In terms of colour, there are three variants of colours used in beacon signalling lights for the marine industry. This includes red, white, and green.

Rules in Using Signalling Lights at Sea

Between sea and vessels, there are specific rules to follow. These rules are stated by COLREGs or the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972.

As an illustration, a sailing vessel has to be equipped with a particular beacon signalling light similar to a vessel constrained by her draft. This only means that every signalling light also needs to be of specific arcs and heights of visibility that is required under the sea rules. As a matter of fact, every kind of beacon signalling light for ships, boats, and sailing vessels is placed differently in every kind of marine transport. The rules in the sea are critical to follow.