Beacon Lights – What is their purpose?

In order to assist people in different places and numerous scenarios, beacons serve the purpose of attracting attention, warning, and making people aware. Beacons provide a notice for anyone who can see them and have different messages that guide people on what to do and how to respond. These beacon lights are warning tools for most people to maintain safety most of the time especially at some uncontrollable situations. Beacon lights can be seen equipped on vehicles, buildings, aircrafts, and other structures that can be easily seen during harsh weathers and other instances. Most of the time, messages that are being provided by beacon lights can depend on what certain colour or flash pattern it gives.

Uses Of Beacon Lights

Beacon lights can be utilized in many different ways and most of the time they are being used to guide people to safety, warning of a hazard or potential hazard. The very first purpose of beacon lights was to provide a warning signal for people. If there were intruders or invaders that threatened their land, piles of wood were placed in high places and lit. And that continued in lighthouses that serve as a guide for sailors that are navigating in the midst of the sea.

Territorial Defense

As mentioned earlier, the earliest form of beacon lights comes into the shape of woods that are being lit up to provide a warning that enemies are approaching. This kind of beacon light became very helpful when placed into strategical placements such as hills and other high areas. The main purpose on devicing this type of defense was to give allied troops enough time to prepare and to avoid getting caught by surprise, resulting into a loss.

Navigating Device

Beacon lights are also extremely essential in regards to navigation, as they can guide ships sailing at night, notifying that there is a shoreline ahead of them through a lighthouse that casts a very bright lighting at night. Beacons are also equipped into marine vessels nowadays to prevent collisions between different boats that usually sail at night, harsh weather, and poor visibility. Not only that, they are also equipped in many land transportation vehicles to assist in road navigation of drivers especially in foggy or harsh weather.

Warning Device

Beacon lights can also be used as a warning device. It can be a warning for danger or a warning that can be used in factories. Factories usually have beacon lights installed inside their facilities to aid the work and task of their workers. There are some instances wherein beacon lights will notify the workers that a certain process is already done or a certain error/danger accidentally happened. Most of the time, beacons lights that are used as a warning device is accompanied by a loud siren to emphasize its function.


The purpose of beacon lights is focused on keeping the safety of people and avoiding unnecessary accidents that are usually caused due to lack of communication, visibility, and other critical factors. The use of beacon lights has become extremely widespread since lighthouses were first made

Thanks to technology, the on-going evolution of beacon lights continues to provide safety and warning devices with an extensive number of various applications.