Safety and Signals – Colours Explained


Beacons allow people to become well-aware of their surroundings. These devices deliver messages depending on their colour, position, and place and time of use. This is the very reason why it is important to know which colour of beacon is relevant for you.

Beacon Colours

Knowing the meaning behind the colour of beacons will allow you to determine their purpose as well as choose the right colour you require. Some beacons might be the same in structure and materials but factors like colour / flash pattern, etc, differentiate them.


Usually, the red colour is associated with strong messages such as dangers, hazards, and even emergency situations. We often see them on firefighters and police cars that are integrated with rotating or flashing lights. This proves that red is considered as a powerful signal that can trigger automatic message to any viewer. In line with this, red coloured beacons are often utilized to warn people to keep themselves away from any dangerous conditions or areas that can bring them danger.


For law enforcement vehicles, blue is the alternative colour to use. You can find this kind of light on EMT as well as on firefighter vehicles. On the other hand, blue beacons are not applicable to use in certain places. This includes highways as well as streets for the reason that it might confuse people that you are a law enforcer.

Moreover, if you are not certain if blue is the right beacon colour for you, it’s best to check with officials in your local government. They can confirm if you are allowed to use such beacon colour. Otherwise, they’ll give you some insight into alternative options.

Amber or Yellow

Psychologically, colours can trigger thoughts that can affect a person’s action. The yellow or amber colour reminds us to slow down, be aware of our surroundings, and be cautious. For this reason, yellow or amber coloured beacons are particularly utilized to deliver a message to all vehicles in the street to move slowly. They can be seen in airports, construction sites, as well as in other establishments to increase awareness to the crowd.


For schools, businesses, and other kinds of public transportations, white beacons are being used. They are also commonly installed by various railroad companies since these illuminating devices can provide clear visibility to other vehicles on the road. More so, these beacons are often utilized alongside other coloured flashing vehicle lights. They are widely seen in the community especially in public places.


Green indicates security and safety. The colour green delivers a message to everyone that a particular emergency is currently being handled. It is a signal that offers people assurance that everything is under control. Most commonly, it is used by response teams and a group of safety representative on their mobile command centers as well as their vehicles.

Other Things to Consider

Colour is not the only thing to consider when searching the right beacon to use. It is important that you take into consideration the type of light being installed. Besides, a steady burning light that is constantly on makes an environment safe. It is important in the aviation industry to be aware of tall structures, etc.

More so, a rotating light is particularly coloured. They turn in order to raise awareness through getting so much attention. Most commonly, this type of lighting is associated with colours that carry strong messages such as red and blue.

Strobe lights utilize a special kind of gas in order to emit quick light bursts that can glow and pulse. This type of light is eye catching and is usually associated with a hazard or evacuation.

Today, LED lighting has become so popular due to its wide-ranging advantages and benefits. This includes convenience, durability, reliability, cost-efficient, and so much more. Not only that, these type of beacon lights are actually visible even from a far distance and you can still see them even in broad daylight.


Beacons bring security, safety, and peace to a community. They convey strong and vital messages using the colours they have. These devices are obviously essential especially that they help in keeping order and safety. More so, it is important that people are aware of what their colour implies.