Why is LED Better?


Without a doubt, Light Emitting Diodes (or commonly known as LEDS) are having a boom in today’s day and age. They are becoming more and more popular as most people utilise them in their everyday lives.

LEDS have proved to be by far one of the most superior lighting sources, as explained below:

  • Longer lifespan


One of the most popular benefits of LEDs is their long lifespan. In case you didn’t know, an average LED will have 50,000 to 100,000 operating hours. As a matter of fact, it is two to four times longer compared to sodium vapour lights, fluorescent, and metal halide.

Keep in mind that less frequent replacement will mean two important things:

  • Lower costs for the replacement parts
  • Lower maintenance costs when it comes to labour.

This is hugely beneficial to many sectors, especially the marine industry and aviation industry, which make use of LEDs due to their longer lifespan.

  • Energy Efficient


Aside from having a long lifespan, LEDs are more efficient compared to other traditional lightings such as incandescent and fluorescent lights. It is also worth mentioning that 95 percent of the energy in the LED is transformed into light and 5 percent is unexploited as heat.

Remember that, less energy use will lessen the demand from the power plants as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • LEDs don’t contain toxic elements


Another good thing about LEDs is that they contain no toxic elements. Currently, the majority of offices and even industrial companies these days use a fluorescent strip light that contains harmful chemicals like mercury. The chances are that these will contaminate the environment, especially when disposed of in landfill wastes.

  • Improved Safety


Undeniably, safety is one of the most often disregarded benefits of LEDs. The main hazard in terms of lighting is the giving off of the heat. Luckily, LEDs give off no forward heat, whereas traditional bulbs such as incandescent will convert over 90 percent of the total energy utilized to directly power them into heat.

And since LEDs consume lesser power they have the ability to operate on a lower voltage electrical system effectively. Generally, this is safer if something were to go wrong.

These are just a few of our LED products that are currently available:


A two-way traffic light that offers clear signalling to outside articulated vehicle drivers and internal workers.

This product has a long lifespan and only requires a lower operational cost. With IPN/002 Series, the risk of accidents most especially around loading docks will be reduced.Click here for more information.




This strobe LED beacon only consumes a very low current. What’s more, it features a clear lens that has white, blue, green or amber LEDs. Nonetheless, this product is best suited for BESA box installing.Click here for more information.




The IPN/018 Series is suitable for loading bay site management or weighbridge applications. This three-colour static LED traffic light features green, amber, and red LEDs that has a clear lens, and is available in 230Vac, 24Vac/dc, and 115Vac.Click here for more information.




Although LEDS are slightly more expensive initially, the return on converting standard lighting such as CFLs and old incandescent is undeniable – in both time and money!