Critical Use of Beacons in Tunnels

Wouldn’t life be dull without light? We know that light is one of the most important tools for guidance – which is essential for us to see and get us safely from A to B. And now, thanks to the evolution of technology, we are also able to use light for many other useful purposes.

Light is very important in our day to day lives. For instance, we need light to give us information on the road. With the use of light or beacons specifically, drivers are able to easily see the road. Drivers may see the traffic signs, road markers, road signs, potential and actual obstacles, and even the oncoming cars and their signals.

As nightfall draws in, it is much harder to drive on the roads without any lights – as the possibility of an incident is higher. This is also the case when it comes to tunnels. With the development of technology, devices like beacons for use in tunnels are already available for use to drivers and commuters for their safety on the road.


What are Beacons?

A beacon is a purposely visible device that is designed to attract attention to a particular location. One example is the use of beacons in tunnels, providing warning signals for drivers to pay attention to the road. Beacons may also be seen in various infrastructures, and very often in the aviation industry.

Additionally, beacons may also be accompanied with other indicators, such as semaphoric indicators to provide important information like airport status or pending weather. When used in this sense, beacons may often be referred to as a form of optical telegraphy.


Critical Use of Beacons in Tunnels: Why are they important?

Traveling via tunnels is a more convenient, direct way to an anticipated location. However, attention must be paid to the road to ensure safety while driving through them, as the environment lacks enough light source and is enclosed.

Beacons in tunnels are essentially used to increase safety while driving in the tunnel. Because of the restricted space, it’s vital to make sure that drivers are well aware of the possible dangers to allow a safer passing into the tunnel – and the use beacons in tunnels assists with this.

Moreover, beacons in tunnels are greatly important in providing necessary signals and warning for drivers. They may transcend other traffic control devices where extra warning and signalling for the drivers is necessary. These devices can provide the signal, especially when there’s a sudden occurrence, like an uncommon roadway condition.

In addition, the use of beacons in tunnels is also critical for the fact that they provide the signal to the driver, as well as alerting them of something. The use of these beacons in road tunnels is essential in preventing accidents since we don’t know what may happen while travelling.



The advancement of technology gives us the opportunity to invent, as well as improve beneficial devices. Beacons in tunnels, for instance, have become a very essential invention, nonetheless, we need to make sure that they are used properly to get their best value.