Types & Usage of Industrial Warning Lights

Industrial warning lights are almost everywhere, but what exactly are they for?

Flashing Strobe Lights

A strobe light, also known as a stroboscopic lamp is used to emit regular flashes of light. Flashing strobe lights feature a high signalling effect through bursting white lights and is widely used in warehouses and industrial facilities. This device is composed of glass tubes, filled with xenon gas that helps to produce a bright flashing sequence that can cover a wide range. You can commonly see such devices on moving machinery, security gates, lifting equipment, service vehicles, and so much more.

Flashing strobe lights can also be used as an evacuation signal during emergencies, such as fires, chemical spills, and hazardous gas leaks, among others. In the aviation industry, it helps pilots determine the position of the aircraft at night or during low-visibility conditions. It also helps aircraft to avoid collision and it is on from day to night.

All aircraft certified after March 11, 1996, are required to integrate white or red anti-collision flashing strobe lights on the wingtips.

Rotating Lights

Rotating lights are specifically designed to provide an effective warning signal. Often used on moving vehicles, a rotating or revolving mirror light is ideal to use because of its efficiency. This device is a type of industrial light that consists of a halogen bulb or LED internal including a motorised mirror. The mirror works as a reflector, giving a focused light beam that attracts attention.

For warning lights, LED is one of the best choices because it can produce several times brighter light compared to the other types of light bulbs. LED is incredibly efficient and it only consumes a small amount of power, making it a cost-effective solution for different usage.

Rotating beacon lights are also used the same way as flashing strobe lights. But these can mostly be seen on emergency vehicles such as ambulances, firefighters, police cars, and so much more. They are available in several colours, including red, blue, and amber.

Pulsing Lights

Another popular type of beacon light is the pulsing (also known as blinking) warning light. It is designed to help with safety and efficiency in hazardous environments, such as construction sites.

Pulsed lights are also commonly used on machinery to serve as an alarm or warning signal to keep people in a harsh industrial environment safe and keep the process efficient. LED interiors are mostly used for this particular application because they are highly durable and energy saving. Within a harsh industrial environment, lights are subjected to vibrations and shocks. For this reason, LEDs are preferential for pulsing beacons as the best lighting solution.

This particular type of beacon is usually found on tall towers, especially at night to keep aircraft safe. Red pulsing lights are more ideal than white for communication towers, to prevent the eyes from losing the ability to see in darkness.


To summarise, the different types of industrial warning lights can help to enhance the safety of people on both land, water, and air transportation. Flashing strobe lights, rotating lights, and pulsing lights are used in such a wide variety of different applications, the list is endless. Knowing about the usage of these industrial warning lights will not only allow you to become aware of their applications, but it will also help you to know how to react the moment you encounter them.