The Importance of Amber & Yellow Beacon Lights

Yellow or amber beacon lights can be seen in numerous places, covering a wide range of different applications. They are also frequently found in roads and airport runways, among other places.

Flashing Amber Lights For Road Safety

Yellow or amber beacon lights are most commonly found on stationary or slow-moving vehicles. These devices are typically installed as magnetic mount beacons to trucks and construction vehicles to enhance visibility during day and night.

Additionally, flashing yellow or amber beacon lights send a message to other vehicles on the roadway to slow down. While they can initially draw attention to a given situation, their effect may lose over time.

Flashing yellow lights are installed in particular roadways where people need greater care than normal. These lights can be installed immediately at a junction, or around round works, as an additional warning device to road signs. But take note that flashing yellow lights should only be employed to warn drivers of unexpected or unusual conditions such as incidents occurring 0n high-speed roadways, special roadway conditions, obstructions in the roadway, narrow bridges, and so much more.

The Different Types Of Yellow or Amber Flashing Beacons

– Intersection control beacon – An intersection control beacon is a yellow flashing beacon that is most commonly utilized at intersections controlling 2 or more travel directions. It is primarily meant for intersections where physical conditions and traffic do not require conventional traffic signals but needs an additional safety measure.

– Warning beacon – Warning beacons or hazard identification beacons are a warning beacon that can only be used to add a regulatory or warning sign. A  yellow warning beacon is implemented at crosswalks to provide a warning that there is an obstruction in a roadway or in a roadway next to it. This works to supplement advanced warning signs at intersections or junctions wherein additional warning is needed.

– Speed limit sign beacon – Another type of flashing yellow beacon that helps with road safety is the speed limit sign beacon. This beacon can be utilized in places where speed limits are imposed.

– Stop sign beacon – This type of yellow flashing beacon is used when further attention is needed to warn drivers that a hazard is existing ahead. A stop sign beacon is used along with a stop sign. Compared to a stop sign, the combination of stop sign and stop sign beacon is a very effective solution in areas that are located just beyond a road curve that is not visible from the view of the vehicle.


To summarise, yellow or amber beacon lights are indeed essential. These devices can provide an added caution in places where unexpected hazards exist. They catch extra attention to drivers as well as pilots on roadways and runways alike. While they are utilized for different purposes, yellow or amber beacon lights primarily helps to increase the visibility of a road sign and send a warning that an unexpected situation is waiting ahead. Encourage caution with yellow or amber beacon lights.