The Importance of Beacons on Cranes

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Beacons constantly aim for safety, hence the on-going innovation of these products. They play a vital role in the use of cranes.

Although cranes have become a necessity within the construction industry, they can also bring a possible danger to airborne traffic. Therefore it is necessary to install warning lights on cranes to make people aware of its placement.

The Benefits of Beacons on Cranes

Higher Level of Safety

Having warning signals installed helps ensure security and safety. Warning signals can be either visual or audible, but visual signals are more appropriate for use on cranes, particularly Obstruction Lights.

Consider the height and type of crane in choosing the correct visual lights. 150 meters is the standard level of light installation. It is composed of three light levels, including:

High Intensity

This one is installed close to the top of the crane with 50 meters gap in between. It uses up 2000 candelas to deliver a constant red burning light at night. Install an additional number of lights in every 50 meters added on the crane’s height.

Medium Intensity

This light is visible at every angle. It is added on cranes in between 90 to 150 meters high to warn people nearby. It lights up differently than the other lights at a crane’s distance.

Low Intensity

Lower cranes can benefit from low-intensity warning lights. Tower cranes between 60 to 90 meters are to which this light is best suited. It ensures visibility on top of the crane in every direction.

Improves Security

Constructions will be more secure with beacon signalling devices installed. Hands-on monitoring of the overall operation is lessened, however, security is improved. Staff intervention will not be a problem anymore, for it could be minimized as well.

Brings Smooth Operation

As a result of higher security comes a smooth operation. Beacons can makes crane operations more efficient – instead of worrying about the possible dangers, workers can focus on the task peacefully. They will be fully notified by the warning signals surrounding them.

Many successful construction sites today are considering warning signals as part of their business, as operations become more manageable and everything flows more smoothly.

Detects Possible Dangers

Warning signals not only benefit cranes when danger comes but also detect possible dangers. Their prime goal is to prevent unwanted hazards toward people.

Beacons are eye-catching warning signals that deliver a clear message of impending danger. They can help to warn aircraft from a distance of the location of a tall construction.

Things to Remember

On installing warning signals, consider visibility and positioning for more effective use. Always look for devices that meet with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) compliance.

Final Remarks

Overall, cranes would not be safe without the help of Visual Warning Signals. These devices are proving to be a requirement and have already played a big part in the success of the construction industry.

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