Warning Lights in Aviation

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Air flight paths at night must be more visible to reduce potential collisions. Beacon lights help to provide a warning light to airborne aircraft – for this application they are available in either red or white for increased visibility.

FAA/ICAO Lighting Requirements

Lighting for this purpose should conform with FAA and ICAO lighting requirements, to ensure continued safety. Aviation warning lights are often installed in pairs, with the first pair placed on top of the fuselage and the other at the bottom. They are usually a static (non-flashing) light, which lights red in colour, providing a recognized signal within the aviation industry.

Three Purposes of Beacon Lights in Aviation

Several aircraft types rely on the purpose of beacons in every flight. Safety is priority, and these lights have become a necessity.

1. They enhance aircraft visibility

Since planes or helicopters are not very often visible from the ground, installing beacon lights on them is necessary. This prevents any collision problems between aircraft in flight or traffic below.

2. To improve pilot visibility

Warning lights are not only essential for the safety of aircraft, but more so for peoples welfare. Pilots must be properly notified through the flight deck windows, therefore specific lighting is necessary for a safer flight, such as:

• Landing Lights

• Runway Turnoff Lights

• Taxi Lights

• Wing Inspection Lights

• Ice Detection Probe Lights.

These lighting systems help the pilot to perform a safer flight for all.

3. To warn of tall buildings or infrastructures

It is extremely important that aircraft are aware of any tall buildings, or even temporary structures, such as cranes, to avoid any chance of collision. Whilst there is a variety of different options available, it is vital to ensure these devices meet ICAO requirements, as high visibility is essential. Other lighting devices used in aeronautics are navigation lights and strobe lights. But, in this instance, aviation warning lights are used far afield in a variety of different industries.

Final Words

To sum it up, aviation warning beacons keep aeronautic activities a lot safer, when constructing large buildings it is vital that these warning lights are taken into serious consideration.

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