Aircraft Warning Lights – What is their purpose?

Lighting is essential to make tall structures clearly visible to the aircraft industry. Vertical constructions may cause danger to air traffic and so warning lights must be added. Beacon technology has to offer lighting systems for aircraft safety on which every industry can benefit from. They ensure aircraft can pass such construction projects with complete safety by giving clear signals.

Aircraft Warning Lights Explained

Aircraft warning lights have a connection with aviation safeguarding. As most industries are now developing into higher structures, safety warnings are necessary to deal with safety concerns. Warning lights will give a signal to every aircraft in any location which has high rise obstacles. It keeps both the aircraft and buildings free from trouble in every takeoff.

Beacon Technology for the Aircraft Industry

The danger of not having warning signals toward the aircraft industry is high. The installation of such technology assists in reducing the risk of collision, and enhances safety.

Safety warning signals for this purpose must comply with ICAO regulations in delivering warning devices for aircraft safety. Long-life LEDs with high light intensity are used to suit the outdoor environment, and are highly visible.

Suitable Products

The newest aircraft warning beacon in our range is the SBB Type A, which is a red warning light with a high brightness level and improved performance. This device is enclosed with an IP66 rated enclosure specifically M10 and M20 cable gland. Its bayonet-style fitting and O-ring design secure the lens effectively. Due to the long life LEDs, maintenance is now a thing of the past, even when the device is exposed outdoors.

Other Uses of Aircraft Warning Signals

Having ideas on the benefits of warning signals for the aircraft industry, we should also understand their uses:


Aviation lighting plays a vital role in communication between the pilot and the air traffic controllers. Aircraft radio may collapse sometimes thus a light signal would be a great alternative to properly decode a message to the pilot. Every warning light colours have specific meanings that pilots know and understand.

Location Indicator

Seeing places from above would be extremely difficult without the installation of warning lights. Aircraft might go wandering astray without the help of such a device. Pilots can perceive locations with high technological developments such as high-rise structures that can put the flight in danger. Landing off will be easier and safer when airports use aircraft warning lights.

Hazard Indicator

Most aircraft accidents are not due to human error, but the lack of warning signals. To effectively prevent collisions in the air, the use of visual signals is necessary. High rise obstacles must consider installing a beacon device to keep aircrafts safe.

Final Words

Above all else, warning signals are a necessity for all aircraft industry and no one should be excused. Most air crash incidents are a result of deficient visual warnings on high structures which is avoidable.

There are several different products available on the market for this purpose – our full range of ICAO Warning signals can be seen on our website.

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