What Are Stacking Beacons?

Up until now, beacon technology has not failed us, and continues to innovate products in promoting better business operations. The Stacking Beacon Light is no exception.

What is a Stack Light?

Stack lights feature illumination with an optional audible status signalling device. They are available in different colours and lighting systems, such as LED, and Xenon lighting. This device is commonly pre-assembled for the convenience of the buyer. It requires minutes of installation with no tools needed, and can be configured by simply switching the modules around.

Stack lights are often used for machines and operating systems for several industries, including the manufacturing and construction industry. The audible and light status signal can be seen from all directions that need to be warned due to business hazards.

About Stacking Beacons

This lighting system provides a visual alarm through stacking lights. It helps to minimize fault conditions and periods of non-productivity among the workers. Stacking beacons are a multi-status signalling application suitable for both internal and external use.

Stacked beacons are constructed in different module types, including LED, Xenon Strobe, Revolving, Static, and Pulsed.

Stack light components are available in DC 12 – 24v or AC 115 – 230v to cover all applications.

This is a highly visible device with a durable lens, and a light coverage of 360-degrees.

These devices are totally modular and can be used as single indicators or multi-stacked up to 6 modules high, and can consist of three different components:

Base Units

It is the very foundation of the stacking beacon that supports the whole device during operation. This bottom part has a block of wiring which allows the signaling device to function.

Light Modules

Light modules can be a LED or Xenon Strobe, and are available in different colours.

The LED modules have 8 different operating modes for the installers preference:

  • – Static – non-flashing
  • – Standard Pulse – 120fpm (2Hz)
  • – Slow Pulse – 60fpm (1Hz)
  • – Fast Pulse – 240fpm (4Hz)
  • – Triple Flash – Three flash pulses repeating twice/second
  • – Quintuple (5) Flash – Five flash pulses repeating once/second
  • – Strobe – 1 pulse per second (1Hz)
  • – Revolving (Simulated Rotating) – 120rpm

Audible Alarm Modules

The audible alarm module is attached to the top of the device for better performance. It is responsible for making a sound of 92 dB as a warning signal to the entire workplace.

Installation Process

The installation process is simple, as only the BCSA Base unit needs to be installed – the assembling process becomes convenient with its twist and click locking mechanism that helps the end-user to assemble the device in a simple way. It also allows quick removal in case there is a need to change the system.

Final Words

As a conclusion, stacking light beacons have a big impact on securing large businesses prone to machine failures and other sudden dangers. And so, choosing a quality and durable beacon device is necessary to for maximum effect. This warning signal features an attention-grabbing level of light and sound in case of danger and is must in the automation process.

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