Combined Beacons and Sounders

As we know, both warning beacons and audible sounders have been available for some time. For convenience, these units are also available in a combined unit, giving both a visual and audible warning in one single device, which can have many advantages.

The difference between Beacons and Sounders

What are Beacons?

Beacons are visual signals installed in the workplace. They are equipped with light, visible enough for the workforce, or the public, to get notice of a hazard. A popular choice for this application is coloured LED, which is energy-efficient and highly visible.

Beacons also assist the aircraft industry, indicating the location of high structures. This helps prevent collisions and other dangers among the public by delivering a warning signal ahead.

This particular application mainly uses the colour red, as the aviation industry associate this colour with a warning, and it is known to be more visible and clear in giving a warning message.

What are Sounders?

Sounders are signals that produce sound to alert the workforce of a possible hazard or danger. They benefit those working areas prone to fire and other extreme accidents, as the sound range will be above the ambient noise level in a busy workplace.

Sounders can also aid the fire alarm system within businesses, alerting the workforce before greater damage may take place.

These devices, also known as sirens, can also detect coming danger in a workplace through the audible warning.

How Do Beacon Sounder Combinations Work?

The use of beacons is becoming more and more popular over the years. It is an effective tool to prepare a workplace in facing potential hazards in everyday operations.

Beacon sounder combinations are a blend of audio and visual alarms in one device. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors to deliver warnings to a wide range area. Many industries are advised to invest in the said device, as it provides numerous benefits.

The beacon sounder is made of coloured LEDs that render from low to high-intensity levels. It is also built with an electronic sounder that produces various tones at different frequency levels. A volume control feature exists to achieve a maximum output of sound.

Overall, the beacon sounder combination will catch the attention of people in a workplace to give a clear message. Industries looking for a safety solution will be greatly satisfied with this warning device.

Best Beacon Sounder Combinations

A few options available from our range are:

ISB-E Series

This is an IP65-rated beacon sounder combination. It has a total of 64 tones of electronic sounder with internal volume control that produces a maximum output of 114 decibels. A choice of LED colour is available in five options, including white, blue, green, amber, and red. The LED offers a high-intensity level of light.

It is best installed via the BESA box by using either cage guards or wall brackets. The device is equipped with a two-wire connection that comes with a third and fourth wire to alternate tone section.

ISB-C Series

ISB-C Series is similar to the previous model, but this one is IP66-rated. It differs on the maximum output up to 112 decibels. The device is durable with ABS base and clear transparent horn.

It best fits for BESA box installing with a two-wire connection. It comes with a third-wire to alternate the tone selection via its internal volume control.


At last, beacon sounder combinations are a worthwhile investment when considering safety over the business premises. They are space saving, versatile, and consist of all the warning features you could wish for.

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