How Do Combined Beacons & Sounders Work?

Ensuring the safety of entire business operations may demand more than one alarming device. Now available on the market is a range of single devices composed of an audible and visual warning, which brings higher convenience and many more advantages in the workplace.

Beacon Sounder Combination Explained

Beacons and sounders can have different functions in the workplace when installed individually. They are an effective tool to maintain safety in everyday operations upon facing potential dangers.

Warning beacons are equipped with visual signals and are visible enough on high structures to prevent aircraft collisions. It delivers a clear message to warn everybody ahead of time.

On the other hand, sounders are commonly applied to areas prone to fire due to audible alerts. Prediction of coming danger is also possible with sounders. Its sound range can go beyond the ambient noise level to give a clear warning message.

These tools are now combined in one device. Many industries are taking advantage of the beacon sounder combination because of its versatility. Working areas such as laboratories, factories, aircraft industry, and even road users are better off with these alarm sounders.

How Do Beacon Sounder Combinations Work?

Combined beacons and sounders play a vital role in several industries these days. The fullness of security is certain in areas prone to hazards through the warning device.


Beacon sounders are composed of visual and audible warning signals on which made up of two materials. It includes visual and toned-enabled mechanisms.

Coloured LEDs from low to high-intensity levels are added to the device. They are available in a range of colours, including Red, Amber, Green, Blue and White.

The sounders are made up of various ranges of tones up to the industrial frequency level. Another important spec such as volume control is merged to personally manage the device.


Beacon sounder combinations should be installed to a wider range area, either indoors or outdoors. The goal is to deliver accurate warnings for the entire workroom.

Most beacon sounder series are best installed via the BESA box with the use of wall brackets to keep the device in place. They are equipped with a two-wire connection for tone alteration. The LED colour depends on the user’s choice.

Essential Role of Beacon Sounder Combination

Combined beacons and sounders have a single purpose – to keep a workplace safe from possible hazards. Their role is to convey clear messages in terms of visual and audible signals toward the workplace.

The warning device does not only ensure worker’s safety but also enhances work operations over time. A safer workplace has a great impact on the production and welfare of the labour force, thus proving beneficial overall.

Recommended Products

There are many popular ranges currently being installed in a variety of applications, including:

Each series has something to offer in meeting your need for safety in the workplace. The latest release is the ISB-C Series with 64 tone combinations up to 114 dB volume output and high-intensity lenses of five colour options.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, several businesses are now advancing for combo alarms to ensure better safety in the workplace. Such devices are a useful investment to gain warning features you wish for. They offer visual as well as a high-frequency audible warning in a wider range of the place of work, providing a clear signal.

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