What Vehicle Beacons are Available?

Beacons are commonly used for industrial purposes. In fact, there are ranges of devices designed with vehicles in mind – they serve as a signalling device to easily identify moving equipment in the workplace.

Vehicle Beacons Explained

High-quality beacons must ensure safety and are an essential on moving vehicles for this reason. Vehicle beacons are often set up on forklifts, trucks, excavators, and other means of transport within a working area.

They provide a visual warning through UV-stabilised polycarbonate lenses with different types of lighting patterns. The colours available are red, green, clear, amber, and blue.

Vehicle beacons operate in standard voltages and can cater to a battery voltage suited for electric traction vehicles. Overall, each model can operate on either the 115Vac or 230Vac power supply.

How to install vehicle beacons?

Installation may be permanent or temporary, whichever will meet your needs.

The standard models come with “Bullet” style connectors to be used in mounting the device. 300mm connecting leads are also included for a permanent fixing.

On the other hand, the temporary fixing unit has a fitted magnet and curl cable with an integral suction cup for installation. It also comes with an integral cigar lighter plug for easy installation.

Metal cage guards are also available for added protection of the beacon, to reduce the risk of possible damage.

Recommended Products

There are several different options available in the market, including Xenon Flash, Rotating Flash, and LED.

Xenon Flash

Xenon strobe produces high-intensity light that requires a higher voltage. It lights up in a very short duration.

Rotating Flash

Rotating flash requires more voltage to revolve around an illuminated lamp. It is commonly mounted on top of a vehicle to give a warning on other pedestrians.


Compared to xenon and rotating flash, the pulsed LED could be a repetitive flashing device or a constant device, with the optional setting of pulsed or static. It has a longer operational life and is hugely popular due to it’s very low maintenance.

VXL Series

VXL Series is a mid-size xenon strobe beacon and also IP65 rated. It offers a single flash model and also repetitive dual flash with 11-joule flash energy.

This series is available in 12 & 24Vuc, VRA (10-100Vdc – 12-72Vac), and 115v & 230Vac. It can be mounted with a permanent fix or temporary fix.

VPL/SML Series

VPL Series is a mid-size pulsed LED beacon with the option of being static. This IP65 rated beacon is available in 12-36Vdc for traditional vehicle use and 115-230Vuc for other applications requiring a robust beacon.

It uses a high-intensity LED light source for low current draw, and can be set from pulsed to static by an internal jumper.

The VPL beacon can be fitted with either a fixed three-bolt mount rubber base, or a temporary mag mount (plus integral suction cup) with curl cable and cigar style plug.

VPR/SML Series

The VPR Series is a robust low-profile vehicle beacon, employing high-performance LEDS yielding both high brightness levels and a wider, more evenly distributed angle of view. This product has 8 different functions available: Static, Slow Pulse, Triple Flash, Strobe – 1 pulse per second (1Hz), Standard Pulse, fast Pulse, Random Flash, Revolving (Simulated Rotating).

The same way of installation is applied.


Securing the workplace from possible dangers could be better with vehicle beacons. These are devices created for any type of vehicle in industrial work. They are easy to install and work great in highway maintenance, factory settings, and construction, to warn the other drivers. Each type of vehicle beacon offers a different way to deliver a warning message. The devices also come in various sizes and lens colours, to meet every buyer’s needs.

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