Telephone Initiated Beacons & Their Benefits

As beacon devices keep on growing, the telephone initiated warning beacon benefits several industries today. It works best in areas where high ambient noise levels exist, as the device will give visual signals when the telephone rings and is ideal for various applications.

About Telephone Initiated Beacons

The telephone-initiated beacon is a visual signal made for a ringing telephone. It is intended for both community and industrial use. Indeed, the device is good for various kinds of applications.

This type of beacon supports the welfare and security of many industries today. It is greatly used by evacuation centers and in factories with a high risk of danger due to the high level of noise. In addition to that, a telephone-initiated beacon is used for colour-coded personal telephone for safety purposes.

How does it work?

The telephone-initiated beacon will be triggered by a ring signal to radiate a visual signal for everyone to see. It is made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate lenses and there are five colours to choose from.

The device can be installed in two different ways, either plug-in or hard-wired, and works well with or without fitted cables and glands. Therefore, setting up telephone-initiated beacons is simple and straightforward.

It is also available as a combined sounder and beacon that emits both clear sound and LEDs. This range of products is highly recommended for workplaces suffering from high-ambient noise levels.

The Benefits of Telephone Initiated Beacons

The telephone-initiated beacon has no huge difference to other types of beacons in terms of its standing. It promotes both safety and security that most industries long for. This beacon has a great impact on the overall operation of the production due to its various applications.

The signal device is both durable and quality in terms of delivering a warning whenever the telephone rings, allowing personnel to answer important calls right away, thus prevents unnecessary delays.

Recommended Products

There are several different models available, each of which offers unique features to meet every need.

TXL Xenon Strobe

TXL Series is an IP65-rated xenon strobe beacon, available in 230Vac.

It releases 11-joule flash energy by way of repetitive single flash, and application is best via base entry.

TXD Xenon Strobe

As compared to the TXL series, the TXD is a low-energy xenon strobe beacon and still IP65-rated. This is also a 230 Vac model with a repetitive single flash. It produces lesser flash energy about 2.5-joule than that of the TXL model.

The TXD xenon strobe is smaller in comparison, and easy to install.

TXV Xenon Strobe

The TXV is a high-end xenon strobe beacon and is the larger model among the four options. It has a base to support the device installed via side entry. The other features are similar to the TXL xenon strobe model.


The TPD differs from the rest of the said telephone-initiated beacons, except for being IP65-rated. It eliminates the need for external power source, unlike the other models. This is an LED model and is line-powered. TPD model is installed via BESA box mounting on either base entry or fitted cable.

Final Words

In conclusion, telephone-initiated beacons play a vital role that benefits the overall function of the industry. Visual signals are highly appreciated in a busy workplace where telephones are needed. Sometimes hearing a phone call is not that easy on the first ring, in which case a telephone-initiated beacon is necessary.

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