Rotating Mirror LED Warning Signals

Visual signals play a vital role for safety purposes, regardless of the application. The Rotating Mirror LED beacon range is an ideal signalling solution for process control, as well as a variety of other possible applications.

About Rotating Mirror LED Warning Signals

The design and manufacture of warning signals has evolved over the years, with new, brighter, more economical options being introduced on the market. LED rotating mirror beacons are a perfect example of this, and are extremely popular among the field of visual signals.

Rotating mirror LED signals are an improved status indicator due to the added rotating feature. It is a visual warning signal with the increased versatility of how it works. The device is capable of multiple mounting options, to suit your needs as required.

They are made of long-life LEDs, and are available in a choice of five different colours, including red, amber, green, blue, and clear.

The materials used are UV-stabilized plastics which are highly-engineered for durability. Each device has an ABS base and polycarbonate lens to ensure effectiveness while at work.

The Rotating mirror LED beacon also provides all-around visibility in case of hazardous events. It will catch attention faster than many other warning devices.

With all of these advanced functions and high output, this warning device only requires ultra-low power to start working. In case of a power failure, it can operate with the use of a battery.

The Pros of Rotating Mirror LED Warning Signals

When it comes to versatility, this warning signal has a say;

Visual Warning

When hazards occur, a rotating mirror signal is ideal to keep everyone aware. It emits a rotating light that is highly visible, more so than static visual signals. People in and out of the facility can receive the warning message quickly and effectively.

Lesser Consumption

Some buyers assume that a beacon with extra features consumes more power, but not with rotating mirror LED signal. If you are planning to install more than one warning signal, this is a good option. Since rotating LED beacons only demand low power, it is possible to draw more units in a single source.

Easy to Install

When installing rotating mirror LED warning signals, there are several different options to meet the workplace’s needs. They work well for indoor or outdoor installation in different mounting positions.

Recommended Products

With all units incorporating an array of LEDs and rotating mirror, the rotating mirror LED (RM-LED) beacon is available in a number of different housings, making them versatile for numerous applications:


Series E is IP65 rated and a traditional rotating mirror that is equipped with a solid-state light source. It operates with low power and yet offers a high output of 360-degrees visibility. Plugging other devices in one source is tolerable.


This is IP68 rated and is available in many types of the visual signal. It is measured by 220mm high and 256mm in diameter, and is commonly used in industrial applications.


Series H almost has the same features as the Series E, except for the size. This unit is slightly higher and wider than the Series E, measuring 225mm high by 175mm in diameter.  


Series J is known to be a robust hazard warning beacon, with its base made of a heavy-duty cast aluminum to ensure durability.  


Series K is available to be installed in various applications. It is often used to secure industrial environments, and factory areas from possible hazards. This warning signal is installed via direct box mounting which has a cable entry in the base.


Series T is a multi-status signalling device that is compatible with other series. Other accessories are included for co-joined beacons. Multiple devices can be clamped together with this rotating mirror LED signal.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, like other beacon devices, rotating mirror LED warning signals are an ideal solution to ensure safety and security in every workplace. Being a highly visible product, and requiring a low power consumption, the RM-LED range ticks all the boxes!

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