Crane Signalling

Crane operations are found to be much safer with the use of warning lights. They are part of the anti-collision system that helps to reduce accidents, ensuring safety throughout the operation.

What is Crane Signalling?

A crane is a machine that carries heavy loads from one place to another on which manpower alone could not do. Crane signalling lights loosen up the work of crane operators for safety awareness, allowing the work to be carried out efficiently – even during nighttime operation when the potential danger on tall structures can be increased.

Tower cranes differ in height, and can therefore require different types of beacon lights. They vary from low to medium intensity lights with increased visibility at night. These lights are made up of LEDs to meet the ICAO requirements, as well as having a low power consumption and longer life.

Reasons for Using Warning Lights on Cranes


First of all, warning signals bring safety to any workplace, especially when working with machines such as cranes. Adding safety lights makes the workers more aware of the operation by the visual warning, and more importantly, aircraft are forewarned of the location of the tall structure, reducing the risk of collision.


Controlling crane operation can be quite stressful, even for expert crane operators. The use of warning lights on cranes will result in easier and more convenient operation. There is higher control in transferring loads from one place to another, and a lower chance of human error in the long run.

Accelerate Operation

Working with the help of machines ensures productivity can be increased. With risks reduced by the use of warning signals, a safe workplace can result in a more productive workforce.

Prevent Aircraft Collision

Since cranes are tall structures, they are most certainly an obstacle for aircraft. Installing a warning light is imperative, to warn aircraft of potential danger from a distance. Thus, the risk of collision will be reduced greatly.

How does crane signalling with lights work?

Crane signalling with lights has to work with the workplace’s safety at all times. They warn pedestrians that there is a moving load nearby, so no one will attempt to go near. In short, the device creates an awareness in the workplace of a moving machine carrying loads.

Final Words

In the field of construction, tower cranes play a vital role in moving heavy loads. They increase safety in and out of the workplace with easy installation. Also, aircraft shall be warned ahead of time that there is a tower crane situated, and so prevents severe accidents from occurring.

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