Dock Lighting

The marine industry requires a safety device that helps navigation processes. Dock lighting is one of the several types of the beacon which can do the job. It works in drawing signals to alert dock workers of what is happening in the workplace. This avoids premature departure in the loading area which may result in greater damage such as injuries and further expenses.

What is Dock Lighting?

Dock lighting, also known as navigation lighting, is a necessary device that directs dock workers toward the right directions while surrounded by waters. Possible collisions can be prevented by this signalling device. We all know how land and water locations differ a lot on which the use of particular devices is a must.

Other than that, dock lighting provides superior illumination to attain scenic dock views. This kind of lighting has an LED design to be more visible for safety purposes. The use of dock lights started in the United States as a signal light.

Dock Light Units

There are four different dock light units for improving both the safety and productivity of dock workers:

Traffic Dock Light

This unit is placed on the entry and exit points of the loading dock areas. It operates to give warning to truck drivers to prevent impulsive departures.

Dock Traffic Control Light

The traffic control light is composed of many safety signs, including exterior and interior light signals. They are located at the loading docks.

Loading Traffic Lights

These traffic lights are installed to enhance dock safety that consists of red and green lights. They come in a complete set, as well as exterior and interior models.

Traffic Dock Light Bracket

Traffic dock light bracket works with an outside dock light by means of mounting onto a structure. It is designed with heavy-duty steel for durability.

The Importance of Lighting in Docks

As mentioned earlier, dock lighting works in improving safety and efficiency when loading and unloading at docks – there are several benefits to dock lighting throughout the entire operation.

To keep everyone aware

Dock lighting is more than illuminating the passage for dock workers and other parties. It also delivers a clear message for everyone to be aware of possible dangers. A high chance of collision and other injuries can be expected between vessels and aircraft on which dock lighting plays a huge role to prevent these.

To navigate directions

The red, green, and white lights make directions more visible while on the water. These lights can be seen in all directions and so alerts sailors about different types of ships that come along their way.

To indicate operation

As discussed, on different units of dock lighting, each light indicates a particular operation within the dock area. Therefore, it makes the work more efficient and organized resulting in a safer environment throughout the operation.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, the danger of marine operation is real without dock light application. It must be the priority in setting up the workplace to protect dock workers and outside parties. Dock lighting is easy to install and understand, with units designed for this particular purpose.

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