Does Colour Matter for Dock Lighting?

Proper lighting can impact lives around the dock, therefore it is essential to know exactly what lighting is required.

What is Dock Lighting?

Dock lighting is as important as any other lighting application. Sailing in the dark is unsafe without a proper ray of light, which is why dock lighting was created. It is to avoid possible dangers such as collisions that can cause severe damage.  

Moreover, dock lights promote fishing in some ways. It makes the bait more visible to fish, thus results in a bountiful catch. The colour of light, on the other hand, will matter in reaching your desired results.

How to install dock lighting?

Seeking professional help is necessary as a dock light installation is crucial. Professionals can advise which tools are the best to help dock owners. Most especially, the installation of dock lighting involves water and electricity which can be too dangerous.

Additional aspects require consideration besides the colour of light, such as bulbs, outlets, and so the maintenance.

Choosing the right experts to finish your waterfront setup will give you the best ambiance, plus additional safety. There is no better way to install dock lighting than seeking professional assistance.

Green Light versus White Light

The most common colours of light used for this application are green and white, rather than blue lights. Each offers a number of benefits to people around the dock, however, green and white light also has a few differences encountered by most fishermen.

Benefits of Green Light

Green dock lighting is more common than any other colour of light due to its many benefits.

First, green lights do not produce much glow on the water but can penetrate deep waters to see fish better. Zooplankton growth is also enhanced by green lights that bring fish closer to the bait.

The second advantage is that bugs are less attracted to green light.

Benefits of White Light

On the other hand, white light also delivers lots of benefits for dock owners. White light is brighter when compared to green light hence more visible at a distance.  

Above water, structures are also seen from afar, with no trouble. Therefore, possible collisions are best avoided with the help of white dock lighting.

Since white lighting is more illuminating, it can attract bugs even more that are bothersome on dock areas.

Final Thoughts

Does the colour of dock lighting matter? The answer is yes.

In recent years, dock areas are making an improvement in the light setup for the benefit of the people around. Green light, and also white light, seems to be the traditional dock light over the years for some reason. As mentioned earlier, both of them offer advantages for dock owners more than any other colour of light.

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