Loading Bay Lighting & Safety Accessories

Dock solutions are necessary for safer loading and unloading of goods. This consists of loading bay lighting accessories to assist operation and eliminate injuries among workers. As well as promoting a safer environment they also enhance the overall operation of the loading docks. Modern warehouses require loading bay lights that meet every dock’s needs, therefore, getting it right is essential.

What is Loading Bay Lighting?

Loading bay lighting is simply a warning signal in the loading dock. Loading bays are an accident-prone area that may affect both the workers and the goods. Thus, many dock owners manage to install warning signal lights around the area. Some maximize the security within the facility by adding audible warning devices.

Components of Loading Bay Safety

Here are some accessories that can be considered for your loading bay application:

Dock Lights

The loading and unloading of goods has increased safety measures by means of dock lighting. The LED lighting system is used to save energy while illuminating truck trailers fully. They have a long life span ,  making them extremely economical.

Number Plates

Docks should be numbered to easily identify throughout the loading process. These number plates are reflective numerical signs, so they can be easily noticed. RAL and PMS colour options can illuminate those number plates to see from a distance.


Many warehouses have a higher floor level than the loading bay – dock stairs promote easy access for trucks going between loading and unloading stations.

The stairs differ in width and height with handrails on each side. High-quality metal with galvanized finish makes dock stairs more durable for a longer period. Anti-slip steps keep personnel safer along the way.

Road Markings

The surface of loading yards must be installed with road markings, for increased traffic. There are two types available, including reflective and LED road markings. However, these marks work even with or without LED lights.

Road markings have a robust design to bear heavy loads passing by, and its visibility alerts trucks for safer loading operations.

Safety Markers

Compared to road markings, safety markers protect either the loading and unloading area or the work areas of the facility. They can be built-in or wall-mounted supported by a footplate.

Safety markers are spherical in construction that differs in width for a particular application. One is for walkways, for loading and unloading areas, and large openings.


Fences are placed on restricted areas around loading and unloading, still to protect the workers. They have a striking yellow colour with a straight and angular design. Different sizes are also available to meet every need.


Dock mirrors are best installed in areas prone to collisions or less visible. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with their weatherproof construction. The material used is stainless steel which is easy to install around loading and unloading bays.

Tail Lift Seal

Pest infestation and other dirt may weaken the overall operation of the loading system. The tail-lift opening should be protected with a seal to secure its parts. The seal is made of high-end cloth with fasteners and other accessories needed to install the seal.

When correctly installed, the letterbox opening is protected against any litter thus results in a better operation.

Traffic Lights

For optimal signalling, traffic lights must exist in both the loading and unloading area. Most warehouses use LED technology by way of pre-assembled traffic lights. They exist inside and out of the facility for more spontaneous operation.

Traffic lights are available in Red and Green, or Red, Amber and Green as required. They are similar to the traffic lights on the open road that indicates particular actions once the light turns on, and are an essential within every loading bay.

Wheel Guides

The last accessory to complete your loading bay safety system is the wheel guides. Like the road markings, wheel guides protect vehicles against damages. Three models, such as surface mounted, built-in, and low model, are available to choose from.

Wheel guides have a galvanized finish and easy to install.


Overall, loading bay lighting and safety demands several components to ensure a safe, smooth operation. These accessories make it work more efficiently and ensure security within the whole facility.

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