Top 5 Dock Lighting Ideas

Adding lights around your dock is for both visual appeal and safety purposes. Proper lighting prevents boats and people from danger, such as collisions, and also falling in the water.

What is Dock Lighting?

LED signals are available for dock lighting which illuminates the area, allowing people to keep alert. LED lights are cost-efficient long term, and light up brighter compared to other options. Also, they are easy to install and very long-lasting.

The right lighting choice is necessary for all dock applications, as everyone’s safety relies on these lights – hence choosing a suitable lighting solution should be well thought out.

5 Dock Lighting Ideas

Each lighting solution plays a different role, so it is essential that you choose the one that will meet your needs, as well as your budget.

1. Water Edge Lighting

Lighting up the water’s edge gives your dock a dramatic setting. The lights shall be installed near the water, so it is vital that they are installed correctly.

Boaters can see the dock from a distance thus preventing bumps. Its bright colours also help to invite fish near the dock, therefore, assisting anglers also.

2. Motion-Activated Lighting

Motion-activated lighting is ideal for dock owners with neighbouring docks. It may not be necessary for the area to be lit constantly, so this solution may be best suited, as well as showing respect to other dock owners.

It works depending on the motions on your dock. When someone is on the way to your dock, it will illuminate to keep everyone safe. The lights will automatically shut down once no motion is detected. Motion-activated lights aim to avoid disturbance unnecessarily.

3. Wharf Lighting

This is a marine-type of dock lighting. Installing wharf lights requires using marine-grade and high-quality metal finish lights.

Wharf lighting works both day and night, and provides a good glow as the sun sets and gives a nautical feel during the day. The material is powder-coated for a longer shelf life.

4. Flush Mounted Lighting

‘Walk on’ lights are common for outdoor stairs. The feeling is magical while stepping on the lights, and this is also possible for your dock.

Flush mounted lights are designed to be durable to ensure they can carry the weight of dock visitors walking on them. They are installed flat on the dock’s surface and are less noticeable than the other types of dock lights. These lights are invisible in the daytime but work well in low-light conditions.

5. Coloured Lighting

Dock lighting may come in various colours that deliver different functions. This idea will help boaters safely steer on a particular part of the dock. In this way, possible collisions around the dock would be prevented.

Some coloured lights also illuminate the dock to attract fish, as sea creatures are more attracted to brighter lights, which is something to keep in mind.

Final Thoughts

A well-lit dock looks more attractive and ensures a safer environment for both boaters and dock visitors. Selecting a high-quality lighting material will ensure years of usage, with less maintenance needed.

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