Tunnel Lighting & Fixtures

LED light is the most common lighting requirement used for tunnels. It provides many benefits to anyone passing through the passageway in terms of safety, as well as fewer maintenance costs needed.

LED Lights for Tunnels

A tunnel is a poorly lit space and has different zones that require the art of lighting solutions. It considers eye adaptation from natural light towards a tunnel light. The aim is to avoid accidents among drivers and other major issues within the tunnel. Tunnel lights differ from common road lighting in terms of power efficiency and other functions.

LED lights illuminate each zone of the tunnel with the right visibility to protect drivers from a collision. A lighting plan is required for the different parts of the tunnel to ensure they meet all the necessary factors. There is a certain amount of light needed at some points of the tunnel that must be met.

Tunnel Lighting and Fixtures

Many varieties of tunnel lighting are available. Each requires different ways of installation and fixtures to finish the project. It includes:

Canopy Tunnel Light

The canopy lighting system is commonly used to illuminate walkways, filled with pedestrians. It is an outdoor light that works well for tunnels.

LED canopy lights are often used to secure the entrance and exit of the tunnel. The project workers use either LED, fluorescent, or HID light in illuminating tunnels. Either way will give the tunnel a modern look while maintaining safety.

Vapour Tight Tunnel Light

Another fixture to complete a safer tunnel setup is a vapour-tight lighting system. This is a linear lighting fixture perfectly used in hallways and outdoor spaces, yet suitable for tunnels.

Vapour tight fixtures are best for areas constantly exposed to dust and water. It delivers an overhead illumination in tunnels thus increases the lumen output in this dark area. Choose between long lights options that best suit the tunnel project.

Retrofit Tunnel Light

This tunnel fixture complements the existing ones with lower utility costs needed. A retrofit kit uses LED lights as an alternative for HPS lamps that boost power consumption. LED lights are more efficient in providing sufficient light in tunnels.

Another type of retrofit kit is the magnetic strip, the best alternative for fluorescent lamps. It is easier to install than LED lights and delivers better efficiency. The magnetic strip also has a longer lifespan for everyday use.

Other Things to Consider  

A tunnel project is a complex job from installation up to the maintenance work. Find dedicated professionals in setting up the lighting and fixtures of a tunnel for a safer result. All aspects of the project must be considered to safely install LED lights for tunnels.

Furthermore, having the right team and materials will save money in the long-run, and a balance between safety and visibility within the tunnel will be greatly achieved.

Final Thoughts

Completing a tunnel project requires proper lighting and fixtures to keep the area illuminated and safe. LED lights are the preferred option these days because of the light intensity and low maintenance – plus, they provide efficient lighting in this closed road to prevent possible collisions among cars passing through. Varieties of lighting and fixtures must be considered carefully when assessing a tunnel set up.

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