Modular Stacking Beacons & Their Applications

The safety of the work place is the primary concern of any industry around the globe. The technology of warning beacons has been playing a vital role in the construction industry and alike businesses to secure their overall operation. A popular way of doing so is to offer a range of modular stacking beacons with a sounder module.

Stacking Beacons as Multi-Signalling Application

Stacking beacons are a signalling device commonly used on various types of machinery. These are also known as click-together beacon lamps, tower lights, and Andon lights. They are suitable for internal or external application, whichever is appropriate for the site.

Our stacking beacon is an all-inclusive range device, from the base up to the visual indicator and sounder. The light modules available are Xenon Strobe or Multi-Function LED, while the sounder is placed on the top-most area of a tower unit.

All of its external parts are made durable with engineering-grade and weatherproof polycarbonate. The beacon includes necessary tools for applications such as pole mounts, wall-mounting brackets, and many more.

How To Install/Uninstall Stacking Beacons?

To enjoy the many uses of stacking beacons, we must know how to get started.

Stacking beacons work as either single indicator or towers of up to six modules, whichever will meet your needs. It can also be used as a sounder module, if required. 

Assembling the stacking beacons is very simple with its click-locking mechanism. The vertical locking system is applied to the electrical connections for easier installation. Stacking beacons are very often fitted onto many factory facilities.

Disassembling the unit also comes easy with its modular construction and versatility. It is quick to remove from the tower unit with a wide variety of configurations along with the device. The removal of the unit minimizes any trouble among the machine’s status within the site.

The Uses of Modular Stacking Beacons

The investment and installation of stacking beacons comes with many advantages. Such a signalling device can reduce the workload and make the work of some personnel within the facility a lot easier. Production increases when stacking beacons are mounted on different types of machinery. More than that, here are the significant uses of Andon lights in every factory:


Stacking beacons are not only visual alarms but also sounders. They can be composed of visual indicators and audible modules as said earlier. Factories are better off with such devices installed around the workplace, as it delivers an accurate message for the workers whenever something or a machine is currently in trouble.

Lessens Unproductivity

Not worrying too much about the workplace’s safety due to some measures helps to increase production. Workers can perform in peace thus offers positive effects on productivity. They become more efficient at work even with lesser working hours. Also, with a machine fault being identified immediately, there is much less down-time, ensuring a smooth, efficient work flow.

Sends Warning Messages

The workplace will be warned when a fault occurs. Stacking beacons will send a message of the fault condition, which is simply identified by the colour of the stacking module that is lit. Colour coding fault messages can save so much time in a factory environment, enabling a faster, more efficient repair time.

Enhances Workplace’s Security

The safety of every worker is highly significant in a company. Relevant measures should be provided to enhance safety around the workplace. This attention-grabbing warning tool helps to cover the workers against any fault conditions.

Final Say

The Stacking Beacon range is a multi-signaling device which features have proven to be hugely beneficial in many industrial environments. Stacking beacons give accurate warnings while providing easiness among maintenance engineers and the rest of the workers. The click & lock mechanism makes this range extremely versatile, with the modules easily inter-changeable as required.  

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