Combined Sounder Beacons

It can often be difficult to hear an audible alarm if there is a lot of background noise. Similarly, it can be difficult to see a visual alarm in bright sunlight or if it is out of your line of sight.

A combined sounder beacon addresses these problems by giving both a visual and an audible warning at the same point.

There are many advantages to using a combined sounder beacon:

– Saves installation on 2 separate units.

– Allows for simpler wiring.

– Allows the installer to easily comply with Equality Act 2010.

For example, when fitting a unit in a disabled toilet.

– Allows the unit to act as a 2-stage alarm.

For example, a visual alarm only for a warning status, then a visual and audible alarm for an emergency status.

There are many different types of combined sounder beacons available to suit various applications from Tower Sounder Beacons to units where everything is inside a single enclosure.

At D G Controls, we offer a wide range of combined sounder beacons including LED, Xenon, 64 tone and Tower Sounder Beacons.

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