Pulsed LED Beacons

Pulsed beacons are commonly used to warn of dangers or to signify an alarm. They work by an electronic circuit inside the beacon that controls the light source; turning it off and on constantly according to the flash rate set by the end-user, for example, 120fpm.

Here we shall take a look into the Pros & Cons of Pulsed LED beacons:

Minimal input current giving maximum light output and colour balance.Higher initial cost.
Long life. 
Single colour or 3 colour units in one housing. 
Low power consumption. 
Higher efficiency. 
Small amount of heat generated. 
Fast pulsing possible – LED beacons achieve full brightness faster and can therefore flash more per second. 
Less susceptible to shock and vibration. 

LED technology in beacons is now the way forward due to global unavailability of filament bulbs as environmental factors have influenced the electronics market. The resultant product is LED Pulsed Beacons.  D.G. Controls Ltd offer a wide range of these beacons, utilising the latest technology LED’s.

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