Rotating Beacons

Rotating Beacons are ideal for various applications and are a great option for when an alternative is required to a flashing or static warning signal.

Applications include vehicles, such as trucks and forklifts, fire and security systems, industrial process control indication and warning and area’s where an audible warning might be difficult to hear.

There are three types of rotating beacons:

The first type is a filament lamp rotating mirror beacon. However due to global unavailability of filament lamps, these types of beacons are now becoming obsolete. Environmental factors have influenced the electronics market, pushing the use of LED’s in technology over filament lamps.

The next type is a LED rotating mirror beacon. Whilst this is a higher-priced option in comparison to the filament lamp model, this beacon has a low power consumption with a high light output. It is also long life making it ideal for more regular use with less maintenance required.

This unit works by using a slanted mirror style reflector onto a cluster of LED’s. The light is reflected off the mirror as it spins and creates a beam of light.

Lastly is a LED simulated rotating beacon. This one has no moving parts, just sticks of LED’s that light up in a sequence to create the effect of a moving light. Again, by having LED’s this has a long life and low power consumption.

By cutting out the mirror it allows this type of beacon to be used in much smaller housing giving a wider range of applications it can be used for.

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