Electronic Sounders

Electronic sounders are a very commonly used audible signal as they can be multi-tone, have no moving parts and have no duty cycle making things much easier for the installer. These units are widely used as one unit can hold a variety of different tones making it easier to have different alarm noises representing different meanings in one building.

Electronic sounders usually have an adjustable volume control built inside them making these even easier for an installer to use in a wide range of areas; from schools for a lower tone to an industrial building for a louder tone.

An electronic sounder has more pro’s than con’s compared to for example, a Motor Driven Siren, a few can be seen below:


– Usually have a high IP rating.

– Multi-stage tones with individual wires to trigger an alternative tone remotely.

– Have a variable frequency, tone and volume.

– Low current draw.

– Continuously rated with no duty cycle required.

– Can be combined with a beacon in one unit.


– Generally cost more than an alternative motor driven siren.

– Have a high frequency which doesn’t travel as well as a low frequency.

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