Static LED Beacons

A static warning signal is a continuous signal – in the case of a static LED beacon, the beacon would be continuously lit and by using LED’s would be more energy efficient as they have lower power consumption.

Static warning signals are ideal for a wide range of industries – from factory automation where a static green light signals that everything is running smoothly, to a hospital where a red static light signals a room is currently occupied where x-rays are on-going. Static signals are extremely important and play a vital role in their application – for example, red static signals are used on tall buildings to warn aircraft of said building, had this signal not being in use, there could be catastrophic effects.

More commonly seen to the general public would be a static signal lighting up where a fire escape is throughout a building. Static warning signals are used everyday, guiding us and keeping us safe.

The benefits of using LED static beacons are as follows:

– As mentioned above, they are more energy efficient than their filament lamp counter parts. By using LED technology, it consumes less energy. Although the initial cost to purchase can be higher, in the long run, they are more beneficial to save money.

– Static LED beacons have a longer life expectancy than your average filament lamp or xenon lamp beacon, thus saving you time and again money in the long run as they don’t need replacing as often.

– Instant lighting is achieved. Again, by using LED technology, a static LED beacon will reach it’s maximum brightness output in an instant once power is applied.

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