LED Warning Signals

The use of LED’s in safety devices such as warning signals is a huge advancement in technology as it increases the visibility of warning signals to a much brighter and higher level than ever before, meaning such signals are able to assist in providing better safety and security for people than ever before.

Warning signals are installed almost everywhere and play and undeniable part of our everyday lives without us even realising – they can be found everywhere from shopping centres, offices and schools to airports and construction sites.

When choosing the best warning signal to use, you must think of your application and remember it must attract attention instantly. This is why LED’s have been so beneficial in warning signals; not only are they much brighter than the traditional filament lamp, but they light up instantly once power is applied – there is no warming up time on these lamps. It is also imperative the warning signal used is clear and informative for the end user to be able to understand instantly.

The rapid advancement of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has had a positive effect in countless areas already to date but they are now becoming a staple in the lighting industry due to their low power consumption, their size and the colours available.
The fact LED’s are so small means so many more, clearer signs can be made which before with a filament lamp, had disadvantages, but now it is much easier to create multiple signs in one single unit.

Also worth noting is the colours available in LED’s, apart from the standard colours Red, Amber, Green etc, LED’s are also available in Infrared and Ultra-Violet giving such a wider range for a more beneficial and clearer warning signal.

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