What are Telephone Initiated Beacons?

Telephone initiated beacons are designed to be used where a visual signal of a ringing telephone is necessary. This type of beacon has become a necessity in noisy environments where high ambient noise levels persist to more everyday environments such as care homes where it may be hard to hear a telephone ringing but a visual beacon can be seen from further away.

The beacon works by detecting the ringing voltage on ANALOG lines and flashes in time with the ring signal. Once the ringing stops, the light stops flashing.

Some beacons require a fitted cable for installation, others plug directly into the telephone line, either way that this is connected, it’s undeniable how beneficial these beacons can be in areas that are hard to hear clearly.

It is also worth noting that in areas where the need for an extra alert is required, a telephone initiated sounder beacon is also a great option. This unit flashes and sounds in time with the ring signal on ANALOG lines.

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