Is Factory Automation Necessary?

Automation is a process used for mass production of a product and in recent years, as technology has advanced, has been used more and more in factories. The use of machinery in this process results in a higher output of goods.

Automation in factories has become more than an obligation due to the high productivity it creates, most companies now see this as a must. Although the initial start up would be costly, it benefits in the long run as it reduces leadtime and costs by manufacturers having their own machinery onsite. It also helps to reduce human error and combined with modern technology, makes it easy to make the slightest change to a product with little interference to the workers also on site. Contrary to some people’s belief that machines are taking human jobs, this is not the case, in fact there are times when more jobs are created because of the companies increase in productivity and competitiveness.

Below shows a few pros and cons of factory automation:

Higher volume of productionLarge initial investment
Increased repeatability and accuracyUnpredictable costs for maintenance
Reduction in production timeMore pollution is generated

Technology is rapidly changing our world, whether it be in the business field, education, medicine, or in the field of industry and manufacturing. Having well-functioning and high technology equipment is very important in finishing every task and assisting in the production of goods and services. It is undeniable that this process is important in improving speed, accuracy and in the long run, the image of the company and the company’s reputation.

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