Xenon Strobe vs LED

What is a Xenon Strobe?

A xenon strobe is a lamp that produces a very short burst of high intensity light. This happens by discharging the energy stored in a capacitor through the xenon flash tube that is filled with xenon gas, at a low pressure.

What is an LED?

An LED is a Light Emitting Diode, it’s a special type of semiconductor diode which emits light when electric current flows through it.

Which is better?

– Energy efficiency.

Xenon strobes use 60% less power consumption than the typical incandescent lamp.

LED’s use 75% less power consumption than the typical incandescent lamp.

– Life span/maintenance.

Xenon strobes life expectancy is typically 10,000 hours.

LED’s life expectancy is typically 50,000 hours.

– Instant lighting.

Xenon strobes have a slight delay in lighting fully when powered.

LED’s reach maximum brightness output in an instant when powered.

– Controllability.

Xenon strobes only flash. Although they can be controlled to flash at different speeds.

LED’s can be controlled to flash, stay on, revolve, amongst other modes.

– Safety and convenience.

Xenon flashtubes need a high voltage to be able to ionize the gas and must be handled with caution.

LED’s operate at a lower voltage making them safer and more convenient to operate.

Overall, it appears that LED’s have more advantages than a xenon strobe, combined with the use of modern technology and their low power consumption, it is undeniably the ‘go-to’ lamp of today.

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