Author: Lisa

Modular Stacking Beacons

DG Controls Modular Stacking Beacons are suited for a range of applications but are particularly ideal for multi-status signalling applications and commonly used on machinery to draw attention to fault conditions and warning messages. The towers are easily assembled as they have a simple twist and click locking mechanism. The vertical interlocking system incorporates the electrical connections enabling the end […]

Telephone Ring Initiated Beacons

Telephone ring initiated beacons are designed for applications where a visual indication is required of a telephone ringing – for example in a factory where a high ambient noise level means it is difficult to hear a ringing telephone. They are also commonly used for industrial welfare applications including emergency evacuation alarms and along railway lines. DG Controls offer a […]

Beacon Installation

There are many considerations to think about when installing any type of beacon, the most important of course being that the work is carried out by qualified personnel. Further points to consider include application, orientation, mounting, maintenance and voltage drop which are noted in more detail below: Application You need to consider the following points before deciding which beacon is […]