Are Filament Lamps Beneficial To Us

With the ever-growing discontinuation of filament lamps and the increased use of LED lamps, it is a question most of us have asked, are filament lamps beneficial to us?

Here will we take a look at exactly what is a filament lamp and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is a filament lamp?

A filament lamp is one of the most common types of light bulb which typically contains a thin coil of wires called the filament, hence where the name comes from. They usually heat up once an electric current passes through the thin coil which produces light as result.

The advantages of filament lamps:

  • They are low cost to purchase.
  • They are simple to use and to replace.
  • Modern technology is not needed for using a filament lamp, they have been around for many years.

The disadvantages of filament lamps:

  • They are becoming harder to source as they become discontinued.
  • Although they are low cost to purchase, they are expensive to operate.
  • They are not energy efficient, contributing to concerns over saving energy and global warming.
  • They are fragile and can break easily, adding to further maintenance costs.

Saving energy and global warming is a big concern at the moment, for this reason, filament lamps are no longer beneficial to be using in these modern times. By moving forward with technology and the increased use of LED lamps, although they have a higher initial cost, they are more energy efficient, durable and long lasting for our planet’s future.

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