What are Modular Stacking Beacons?

Modular stacking beacons are also known as andon lights, indicator lights, signal tower lights and light towers. They are a very easy to use product due to their click together mechanism, making them ideal for many situations and positions – in particular for multi-signalling applications.

The design of modular stacking beacons means each tower can be comprised of different lamp types, colour, mode types and sounders all mixed freely in one stack, giving it the versatility to be used in so many applications and giving the end-user ease of use. This design also helps with future maintenance as modules can be added or removed safely and with ease.

Their ideal use is on various types of equipment to show the operating status of machinery in process control environments, increasing productivity and minimising wastage time, but are so versatile that you have probably also seen them in the supermarkets too on self-check out tills!

Current modern technology allows these types of beacons to be used to their full potential as they can be controlled using PC control systems and controllers incorporating sensors, timers and relays.

Stacking beacons are essential for manufacturing environments as well as places where process and machine operation take place due to their instant and easy understanding, their durability and their ability to minimise wastage time on a production line.

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