Stacking Beacons & Their Functions

The installation of warning signals has become a necessity for smoother operations within businesses these days. They help to prevent further damage when an incident occurs, as well as increasing efficiency. Most companies invest in warning beacons, such as stacking beacons, to increase the safety of the overall operation.

Stacking Beacons Explained

Stacking beacons inform you of the status of an operation in just a glance. They are suited for both external and internal set up, and provide machine operators with a visual warning indicator.

The tool works for multi-status signaling applications, and can be composed of up to six parts, including the base & cap. The light modules include LED and xenon strobe, differing in colour and functions.

Audible alarm modules can be added to complete the stacked beacon system, and is placed on top of a tower unit to work at its best.

How do they work?

Their main purpose is to enhance safety within the working area, and ensure a smooth flow in a production environment. The give a visual indication of the status of a production line, notifying immediately of any issues, therefore minimizing down time. Stacking beacons are extremely versatile and are suitable for a wide-range of different operations.

It is easier for a company to detect fault conditions with the use of this device, as it provides a visual alarm, as well as audible if required.

Stacking beacons are used as a single warning indicator up to 6 modules high. UV-stabilized and engineering-grade polycarbonate on its external parts add durability to the product. Pole Mounts and Mounting Brackets are also available for an easy installation.

Stacking Beacon System: Assembly and Disassembly

Stacking Beacon are quick to assemble, as the electrical requirements are connected to its interlocking system. The system offers a twist and clicks mechanism to support at ease installation. Wiring is done via the base, with each module added as required.

The unit also promotes quick removal in case of disassembling the tower. It avoids any disruption within the area in removing the unit.

Stacking Beacon Functions

These modules offer various functions in a tower operation to ensure the correct warning is given. These include Static LED, Pulsing LED, Revolving LED, as well as Xenon Strobe.

It is through a stacking beacon on which periods of non-productivity is reduced, as it lessens the need for human intervention. Thus, the workers can focus on what should be done rather than feeling anxious about what could have been.

Due to decreased periods of non-productivity, there will be an increase in the utilization rate. Production will be greatly benefited by the use of a stacking beacon device, contributing to the company as a whole.

Final Words

To sum it up, stacking beacons are an attention-grabbing warning signal, which can be seen from great distance.

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