The Edge of Choosing Traffic Lights

Choosing warning devices has always been an edge for most industries nowadays. They play a vital role in almost everything in our society, including signalling devices to control the flow of traffic.

About Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are similar to what we always see along the road, especially at intersections. This signalling light assists road users to avoid delays and even possible troubles on the road. They are also extremely useful for instructing site traffic – on construction and industrial sites, as well as Loading Bay indication.

Traffic lights are traditionally equipped with three standard light colours, including green, red, and amber. Each colour indicates a specific command that all road users must know. The green light stands for the “Go” signal while the red light is making the vehicles stop for a while. Besides, before either of the two lights turns on, the amber light shall appear to indicate caution.

Recommended Products

As the world continues to evolve, technology also starts to innovate traffic lights and other devices:

MI/xC LED Series

This is a non-flashing LED signal that consumes low energy. It can be installed through side and base entry. The LED series is only made of three lens colours with five options to choose from.

MIH/xU LED Series

This LED series has a flashing option. With that, it still consumes a low current level like the other models. A clear lens is used to eliminate confusion upon the indicator during the daytime, with each individual light having a hooded surround.


The IPN 002 is a hugely popular traffic light, widely used on loading bays or warehouses. The unit comprises of a Red / Green LED display housed in one individual enclosure.

The Advantages of Traffic Lights

We mentioned earlier how the choosing of the correct traffic light products will bring industries to the edge – let’s see makes such a device ahead of anything else:

Wide Range of Applications

Traffic lights are suitable for such a variety of different applications, including Loading-Bay Signalling, On-Site Traffic, and for overall Production Control. Its multi-head indicators make it possible for a wider range application.

Multi-Unit Applications

A factory, more often than not, will require more than one traffic light unit for the overall traffic management. Several of our ranges allow the joining of multiple units from edge to edge to be used as multi-head light indicators. This way maximises the space provided for the traffic light units in a single application.

Enhanced Durability

The lenses are concealed by UV-stabilized polycarbonate material, making them suitable for all weather conditions ensuring a longer lifetime, with less maintenance.


Most traffic light devices are made of LED and are well known for being energy-efficient. They are more ideal than incandescent and halogen lights in so many ways, including the low maintenance.

Brighter Illumination

It can sometimes be difficult to see traffic lights during the day because of the sunlight. We have several units available which are dimmable, meaning the light intensity can be adjusted to increase visibility in the sunlight.

Final Words

Following traffic rules is still the priority even with the presence of traffic lights. And having one is the first step in developing discipline among road users. Without such a device, more accidents could arise. The use of traffic lights also increases safety, and ensures a more organized workplace.

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